Save the River Project

The “Save The River Project” is a coalition effort to solicit donations to be invested exclusively for developing, operating, and maintaining AMD treatment systems in the Upper Tioga River Watershed. Funds will be used as follows:

  • In-kind cash match required for government-funded grant programs
  • Invested in the Tioga River Trust Fund established at Woodlands Bank and managed by the Tioga County Conservation District. The Trust Fund is used to pay for the costs associated with operating and maintaining the AMD treatment systems.


Save the River Project Update:

To date, we have received $129.4 K which is invested in a dedicated Money Market fund.  The TCCCC and our partners sincerely appreciate all of the donations that have been received over the five years since this fund was started.  While we still accept donations, we have not actively sought donations since 2018 when we were approached by BAMR about the potential for Federal funding from the OSMRE AML Pilot Program for the Tioga River AMD Treatment Plant Project.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) expenses for this project will be significant.  While most of the O&M funding will be through Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) Set-Aside Funds, the watershed committee has voted to contribute the money collected thus far to the Save The River fund to the O&M costs for the Tioga River AMD Treatment Plant Project.

Donations that are received up until our contribution is made will continue to be added to the existing account and included as an “in kind” contribution to the project.  Please see the “Contributors” page for a list of all of the contributors to the Save The River project.

For more information about the Tioga River AMD Treatment Plant Project, please visit the WATERSHED MENU.