Mill Cove, Inc invited Charlie and Joyce Andrews of the TCCCC to provide an update on the
Tioga River AMD Treatment Plant Project. Their Annual Meeting was held on July 12, 2023 at
the new Charles E. Fox Environmental Education Pavilion. The members were very interested
in the project and are hopeful that it will help foster more local use of the many recreational
opportunities available in our beautiful Tioga County.


Renee Carey from Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy, coordinated the efforts to host a booth at the Blossburg Coal Festival held Memorial Day weekend at Island Park, Blossburg. Representatives from the TCCCC and Susquehanna River Basin Commission were also on hand to share information about the Tioga River AMD Treatment Plant Project. Michelle Burzak of Covington won the fishing rod package donated by the Hillside Rod & Gun Club.

Pictured in the photo from left to right:  Cindy Dunn – Secretary, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Joyce Andrews – Secretary TCCCC, Charlie Andrews – President TCCCC; Patrick McDonnell – Acting Secretary, Department of Environmental Protection; Davitt Woodwell – President, Pennsylvania Environmental Council; Karen Olson – SWN Director, Strategic Solutions; Rowlan Greaves – SWN Manager, Strategic Solutions.

TCCCC Receives Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence

The TCCCC, on behalf of the Hillside Rod & Gun Club, Southwestern Energy Company (SWN), Bureau of Forestry and the entire coalition working to restore the Tioga River, received the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence (GAEE) for the Fall Brook AMD Treatment Projects.  The Awards were presented at the GAEE Awards banquet hosted by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) at the Harrisburg Hilton on Tuesday, April 25, 2017.  Charlie Andrews – President, and Joyce Andrews – Secretary, attended on behalf of the TCCCC.  Shane Nickerson – Mayor of Blossburg, and Jill Nickerson – Blossburg Borough Council Member, attended as guests of SWN.  SWN funded and oversaw the construction of the Fall Brook systems and also funded the Trust to operate and maintain the systems.  SWN attendees included: Roy Hartstein – Vice President Strategic Solutions, Karen Olson – Director Strategic Solutions, Rowlan Greaves – Manager Strategic Solutions, as well as a number of other SWN employees.

The Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence is open to any Pennsylvania business, farm, government agency, educational institution, non-profit organization, and individual that has created, or participated in, the development of a project that promotes environmental stewardship and economic development in the state.  According to PEC, 54 applications were submitted, with 16 chosen to receive awards.  The Fall Brook AMD Treatment Projects are perfect examples of local volunteers, private industry, and government agencies working together to achieve a common goal while minimizing environmental impacts. The TCCCC and their coalition are now working on plans to restore the Morris Run tributary.  SWN has pledged their support to continue to work with the coalition, however, additional support is required to fund the construction and operation and maintenance of the remaining treatment systems.  Their goal is to restore the Tioga River so that it once again supports aquatic life.  Please visit the TCCCC website at to learn more about the existing projects as well as efforts to “Save The Tioga River”.  Donations forms can be downloaded and sent to the TCCCC, ATTN:  STTR, P.O. Box 124, Blossburg, PA, 16912.