Bear Creek Project Updates:

Water samples are being collected on the Bear Creek tributary and a flow monitoring station has been installed. Shell Oil awarded a $10,000 Environmental Grant to the TCCCC that was used to purchase and install the flow monitoring station and a rain gauge. Funds are also being used for consulting services to analyze the water chemistry and flow data. Rainfall data will also be used to help correlate increases in flow with rainfall amounts throughout the Upper Tioga River Watershed.

Abandoned mine reclamation work on a 68-acre tract of land at the headwaters of Bear Creek was completed in December of 2016. A major pipeline project has also been constructed on the hillside above Bear Creek. As of late 2017, no change in water quality or flow has been realized from this activity but it may take some time for any impacts of these projects to be realized. We will continue to collect water samples until the fall of 2018 to insure we have the best representation of water quality data for this tributary.