The Bear Creek watershed is the smallest subwatershed at 0.7 square miles.  It originates in Hamilton Township and flows through Blossburg Borough, joining the Tioga River just north of the Main Street bridge.  It is impacted by abandoned deep mine discharges.  Per the SRBC report, mining in the Upper Tioga River Watershed started in this subwatershed.

There are at least five discharges impacting this watershed, all occurring within a very small area.  The Bear Creek watershed is the least accessible.

Bear Creek also receives AMD from a large, abandoned surface mine on the hilltop between the Bear Creek and East Creek watersheds.  Reclamation of this surface mined area would likely have significant impact on the water quality of Bear Creek as a large portion of the water in the pits infiltrates into underlying deep mine workings and likely emerges as AMD.  Any reclamation work that would reduce the infiltration into the deep mine workings would help reduce the O&M costs associated with treating Bear Creek.

The watershed committee is currently collecting water sample and flow data for Bear Creek.